A Grand Variety of Luxury Car Hire Options

Whether it's the invigorating rush of wind in your hair or the satisfying crunch of rough terrain beneath your tyres, driving a luxury vehicle gives a sense of freedom unobtainable in any other vehicle. There's no better way to see a country than from the road and being behind the wheel of a sleek and stylish vehicle crowning the top of its range doesn't hurt either. When renting a luxury car you have the supreme selection between convertibles, hard tops, super cars, SUV, 4x4s and MPV.

Here's some tips and information to take into account when renting a luxury car:

Rent a Convertible

Above: Audio A3

Ensure you select either a two or four seater car depending on your travel requirements.

Check the weather during your stay; a convertible will maximize enjoyment of good weather but increase discomfort in bad weather.

Be wary of the safety in areas where the car will be parked, a soft top may not always be the most secure safety feature.

Ask what safety features are provided (is a soft top included?).

Check leg room and height of car before renting.

Enquire about trunk space to ensure it fits your luggage requirements.

Rent a Hard Top

Above: Nissan 370z

If for driving use in the city, check specifications such as length and breadth of car for easy manoeuvring and parking as well as whether additional features such as power steering, reverse sensors etc are present.

Check if it is a two or four door car and choose according to preference for easy entering and exiting of the vehicle.

Enquire about leg room, height of car and trunk space according to your requirements.

Select between automatic and manual transmission according to your preference.

Rent a Super Car

Be aware of possible higher insurance costs for the vehicle.

Be aware of all procedures and requirements necessary if damage or accident should occur.

Be wary of safety in areas where the car will be driven and parked.

Be aware of speed limits when driving to avoid fines and ensure safety of yourself and other motorists.

If possible ask to take a crash course in learning the controls and capabilities of the car before renting it.

Rent a SUV / 4x4/ MPV

Above: Range Rover Evoque

Check if the car is a two, four or five seater and choose according to requirements.

Enquire about specialised off road features such as 4 wheel drive and tyre traction.

Enquire about additional (but not necessarily included) features such as tow bars and roof racks.

Ask about key features necessary for smooth operating over specific terrains such as water, sand and ice.

Ensure you know exactly what type of terrains and conditions the car is capable of handling.

Minimum age limit may range from 23 to as old as over 30 depending on the vehicle type and rental company.

Insurance costs range according to driver's age as well as the car model and insurance costs for luxury vehicles are accordingly higher.