Auto Club Athens Car Rental
64, Kifissias Ave & H. Sabbagh S. Khoury St, 15125, Maroussi, Athens Tel. +30 210-6100 934
Branch Office: 17 Noemvri 31 Alimos Tel. +30 210-9889816

Whether you are coming to Athens on a holiday or a business trip, we can provide you the finest car rental in Athens Greece. By booking your car hire vehicle in advance, you will have the advantage of choosing the type of rental car most suitable for you and pre-arranging for car hire at Athens Airport or any other location specified. 

To book a car or find out more about the Auto Club Athens car hire services, please send us your message by filling in as many fields as possible in the contact form. For us to receive your message, it is necessary that the name, e-mail and comments fields be completed. You can also contact us by phone at +30 210 610-0934, or fax at +30 +30 210 610-1169.

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